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With 25 years of experience and an industry profile spanning into chemical, agricultural, food sectors, processing, industrial, manufacturing, renewables, and power generation, Hoffmann Steel Fabrication has become one of the most experienced fabricators in the Midwest.

Welcome to Hoffmann Steel Fabrication

Hoffmann, Inc. has state-of-the-art, clean, and efficient facilities utilized entirely for metal fabrication. We are a full-service Job Shop, specializing in heavy metal fabrication of carbon, Cor-Ten, aluminum, stainless, and specialty alloy steel. Our registered engineers and design technicians can provide professionally sealed prints, computer-aided drafting for all steel components, 3-D modeling, and finite element analysis (FEA) for prototype and fixture design. Hoffmann offers our customers custom engineered equipment assemblies or single parts with capabilities for rapid prototyping, production, and testing. Hoffmann has a certified weld inspector on-staff and all our fabricators are American Weld Society (AWS) certified.

We have an efficient fabrication facility with over 70,000 square feet, entirely dedicated for metal fabrication which makes it possible for us to offer custom and heavy metal fabrication, engineering and design, with drafting, 3D modeling, and finite element analysis. We go beyond the welding and fabrication process by offering additional services to our customers, such as; metal cutting, forming, machining, blasting, painting, assembly, delivery and transportation, on-site erecting and installation, and inspection services.

What We Do

Custom Metal Fabrication

Our fabrication team can produce custom engineered fabrications and assemblies, large and small, as well as single parts and OEM weldments. Projects with electrical, plumbing, and hydraulic installation are routinely incorporated into our fabrication assembly process.

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Heavy Metal Fab

We designed our fabrication facility to handle the large fabrication projects that few job shops can take on.

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Our certified welders specialize in carbon steel, COR-TEN steel, stainless steel, and aluminum heavy fabrication.

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Job Openings

Welders - updated 5/9/23

Construction Workers - updated 5/9/23

Why Choose Hoffmann?

Hoffmann, Inc. can offer your company the “One Contractor Advantage”. Our steel fabrication team can take your steel projects from start to finish by providing engineering and design, custom steel fabrication and assembly or erection/installation services throughout the continental United States.

Hoffmann Inc.

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