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About Hoffmann Steel Fabrication

So how did Hoffmann establish itself as a leader in the steel fabrication industry? In the early 1990’s Hoffmann had a need to expand its capabilities to include fabrication of steel components. Components such as steel openings, ladders, platforms, and handrails were being fabricated for use in Hoffmann concrete construction products. Also, since 1986, Hoffmann has been providing industrial steel stacks, which was a natural fit into the steel fabrication marketplace.

ladders - platforms- steel openings
Hoffmann Fabrication dual wall stack

A New Fabrication Facility

Hoffmann fabrication building 1996

In 1996, Hoffmann, Inc. built a 15,000 square feet steel fabrication facility, and began providing fabricated steel items to serve its own customer base. Hoffmann's fabrication facility has now expanded to over 70,000 square feet and is entirely dedicated for metal fabrication. Hoffmann’s facility and its certified welders specialize in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum heavy fabrication. Our build team offers any type of steel component or custom engineered equipment built to detailed specifications.

Why Choose Hoffmann?

Hoffmann, Inc. can offer your company the “One Contractor Advantage”. Our steel fabrication team can take your steel projects from start to finish by providing engineering and design, custom steel fabrication and assembly or erection/installation services throughout the continental United States.

Hoffmann Metal Fabrication Shop

Experienced Fabricators

With 25 years of experience and an industry profile spanning into chemical, agricultural, food sectors, processing, industrial, manufacturing, renewables, and power generation, we have become one of the most experienced fabricators in the Midwest. Our unbeatable reputation is founded on a wealth of knowledge and our vast customer list of large projects and complex fabrications.

Hoffmann fab shop
fabricatied ductwork

Hoffmann Inc.

Taking Your Ideas and Fabricating Them to Work for You

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