Hoffmann Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Hoffmann's clean and efficient fabrication facility has over 70,000 square feet, entirely dedicated for metal fabrication and steel fabrication. We also have 2.5 acres of rock and concrete laydown area which allows your completed project to be staged for shipping. Our build team offers any type of steel component or custom engineered equipment built to detailed specifications and utilizes the following equipment to get the job done.



CNC Vertical Milling 32” x Axis
Drill Presses, Radial Arm Drill and Mag Drills


South Leblond Lathe up to 30” swing with 17’ 5” Bed
North Leblond Lathe up to 26” swing with 17’ 6” Bed with a 15” extension
Please call us with your project dimensions, we can accommodate many variables from job to job.


Cutting, Shearing and Sawing

Plasma Cutting

High Performance Plasma System
ALLtra 12' x 60' Cutting Table
HD plasma to pierce up to 1-1/2" plate.
Oxy fuel capable to pierce 6" plate.
Capable of cutting large areas that will reduce welds and seams.
Produces extremely precise and repeatable shape cutting motion control and contains many features such as true multitasking and DXF file conversion.


Automated Horizontal Saw

HEM 20” Vertical Saw with Hydraulic Tilt
HEM 26” Automatic Horizontal Saw
Piranha P-50, 50 Ton Iron Worker

Plate Rolling

Faccin CNC roll 10’ long x 1/2” plate roll
Roll size small to large or unlimited in segments.
Materials rolled include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum & alloy.
Equipped with machinery rollers, forklifts & overhead cranes to move weldments of up to 50 tons.
Plates can be custom rolled as per specific requirement.

press brake

Bending and Forming

Press Brake
400 Ton
1/2" x 14' and 3/4" x 11' Capacity


SUB-ARC Pandjiris Manipulator and Handheld Tractor
Lincoln Idealarc DC -1000 Power Supply
Camera and laser remotely controlled seam tracking.
One pass per side, welds up to 3/8” plate, completely penetrating with limited to no beveling.

mig tig stick welding

Mig, Tig, and Stick welding of Carbon Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum.


  • X-Ray Quality Welds
  • Decrease Lead Times
  • Operator Safety with Small and Large Diameters

Grit Blasting and Painting

Hoffmann’s fabrication facility has an enclosed steel grit blasting booth and paint booth each with a capacity of 22' 7" wide x 74' long x 20'4" high. Our booths are big enough to handle your large fabricated components.

We can offer many types of wet coatings such as; water base, enamels, low solids, high solids, polyurethane coatings, zinc, epoxies, and marine coatings. Primers to high tech finish coats.

Galvanizing, polishing, anodizing, and powder coating are also available.

Our booths can handle special preparation and coatings for temperatures up to 1000 °F.

Paint Bay

Cranes and Lifting

The overhead crane height is 36 feet with a lifting capacity up to 80 tons under roof.
(2) 20 Ton Bridge Cranes - 36’ Hook Height
(1) 10 Ton Bridge Cranes - 36’ Hook Height
(3) 10 Ton Bridge Cranes - 20’ Hook Height
(3) 5 Ton Bridge Cranes - 20’ Hook Height
(1) 15 Ton Bridge Crane - 16’ Hook Height

(3) GCI Mobile Tower Cranes
Air bearing platforms - portable