Fabrication Services

Hoffmann offers custom metal fabrication, structural steel fabrication, heavy metal fabrication, engineering and design, with drafting, 3D modeling, and finite element analysis. Hoffmann goes beyond the welding and fabrication process by offering additional services to our customers, such as; metal cutting, forming, machining, blasting, painting, assembly, delivery and transportation, on-site erecting and installation, and inspection services.

Hoffmann estimators have hands-on experience, so when requested, they will evaluate your project for alternative design ideas for potential cost savings or to alleviate possible hazards. Our staff has a proven track record for innovative solutions to unique problems.


Hoffmann's clean and efficient fabrication facility has over 70,000 square feet, entirely dedicated for metal fabrication. We also have 2.5 acres of rock and concrete laydown area which allows your completed project to be staged for shipping. Our build team offers any type of steel component or custom engineered equipment built to detailed specifications.

We serve a wide range of industries including chemical, agricultural, food sectors, processing, industrial, manufacturing, renewables, and power generation.


Hoffmann Heavy Metal Fabrication Services

With overhead crane heights of 36 ft. and 20 tons of capacity per crane, our fabrication facilities can handle the largest of projects and complex fabrications. We have fabricated a variety of large-scale projects such as; truck dumpers, portable trailer tippers, 25-ton sand and gravel dredges, reactors, carbon steel ductwork, tanks, and, steel stacks.

Hoffmann Structural Steel Services

Our registered engineers and drafting technicians have the experience to design for the industrial and manufacturing industries. Hoffmann’s design team can provide professionally sealed prints, computer-aided drafting for all steel components, and 3-D modeling for prototype and fixture design. Our capabilities include cutting with our 12’ x 60’ cutting table and can pierce up to 1-1/2” plate, shearing, sawing, press brake, rolling up to ½” thick plate.


Hoffmann Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Hoffmann Fabrication has the expertise and experience to fabricate and custom build equipment that meets your exact specifications and deliver it on-time and on-budget.

Welding Services

Our certified welders specialize in carbon steel, COR-TEN steel, stainless steel, and aluminum heavy fabrication. All welders are certified AWS D1.1 for all positions, AWS D1.6 stainless and API 650 is available upon request.


Hoffmann Industrial Services

Hoffmann provides the “One Contractor Advantage”, offering a full range of services to complement our fabricated steel products. Ala cart services such as design and engineering, on-site welding, millwright, plant shutdowns, field erection services, concrete construction, rigging and inspections will help complete your new construction project, renovation, maintenance, or plant shutdown.

Fabrication Support Services

Hoffmann provides support services such as engineering and design, inspections, assembly and installation, prep and coatings, as well as, providing over-the-road shipping with our own semi and trailers or we can coordinate you delivery with several reliable commercial carriers.