Hoffmann Industrial Services

Hoffmann Industrial Services takes pride in mastering complex tasks and integrating innovative solutions in order to get facilities running properly. We see the potential for improvement in all industrial plants and want to offer our customers the ability to enhance efficiency on all levels. This allows our clients the opportunity to focus on what they do best: their business. With a range of services and solutions (plus a whole lot of experience under our belts) we will work to MAKE it WORK – on time, on budget, and on-site when you need us.


The One Contractor Advantage

Hoffmann, Inc. provides our customers with the “One Contractor Advantage”, by offering a wide range of services on their renovation, routine maintenance, plant shutdown, or new construction projects.

Hoffmann Inc. offers industrial installation services for restoration or renovation projects, improvements or repairs, as well as demolition and dismantlement. We specialize in design and engineering, installation of steel fabricated components, equipment installation, industrial concrete, millwright services, material handling, and plant shutdowns to the power, energy, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, industrial, and food sectors. With a proven track record for innovative solutions to unusual problems, we work closely with our customers to plan, build or refurbish their most critical facilities, so they can achieve their short to long-term goals.

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Design and Engineering Services

Our registered in-house engineers, design staff, and drafting team offer practical design ideas and maintenance guidelines that can improve the productivity of your equipment and facility.


Metal Fabrication

Hoffmann’s 70,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art metal fabricating facility specializes in custom metal products. Our certified welders work with carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum heavy fabrication. We also provide on-site mechanical services, metal fabrication services to repair, install or replace any equipment or structural needs at your facility.


Machinery erection and installation in conjunction with industrial maintenance and repairs.


Demolition/Dismantlement Services

Small specific structures or equipment, interior or exterior, that does not involve bringing down the entire structure.


Hoffmann, Inc. can provide the lifting power needed for most erection and installation projects. Three G.C.I. Mobile Tower cranes are uniquely qualified for heights up to 330 feet and have an extraordinarily long reach. The G.C.I. tower cranes can be used in a variety of configurations to perform almost any lift.


Field Erection

Final assembly, Off-site fabrication, and Installation services throughout the continental U.S.

Plant Shutdowns

We understand your priority to meet schedules, Hoffmann can provide skilled personnel and equipment for projects ranging from routine maintenance within a “on-line” facility to 24-hour, 7 day a week plant shutdown.

Hoffmann can refurbish or rebuild your facility structures and equipment components. Our certified weld teams can be on site to provide metal fabrication and field erecting services throughout the continental United States.


Material Handling Systems

Hoffmann fabricates, installs, and maintains material handling components and systems such as conveyors, radial stackers, hoppers, storage tanks, racks and carts.

Concrete Construction

New construction of pedestals, bases, containments, foundations, and floors, plus concrete repairs of cracks, expansion joints, and spalls

Concrete Construction
Hoffmann Industrial concrete services


Hoffmann’s design team conducts complete inspection services for concrete or steel structures, examining the interior, perimeters, foundation, roof, walls and openings

We are dedicated to a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and customers. Employees are routinely trained in OSHA regulations and Hoffmann’s safety program is incorporated into our construction methods.

Hoffmann Industrial Services

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